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Prices 2024

  • $25 Enrolment Fee

  • Lesson Fees $12.00 per lesson

  • Casual Rate $15 paid per lesson


Fees are charged PER TERM and depending on how many weeks in the term and how many dance styles are studied depends on how much it is per term. An invoice is sent via email at the beginning of each term and must be paid by due date. 


  • Concerts and Exams are optional although there are additional costs to participate (we try and make everything as affordable as possible)

  • Eisteddfods are also optional if your child wishes to go down this path, again additional costs to those who wish to participate eg. Extra Lessons and costumes.


  • Discount is available for individual students who attend more than 4 lessons per week. Lesson 5 and onwards will be charged at a discounted rate of $9.00per lesson.

  • If both a Tinies Ballet at $12 and Tinies Tap &/or Jazz are taken, Tinies Tap &/or Jazz is at a discount rate of $9.50 per lesson (ONLY Applies to our Tinies Classes)




Accounts are paid in full every term. An invoice is sent via email in the first week of every term. We then allow 14 days to clear your account for the term. We do offer Payment plans for those who require this option.


We offer exams in all facets of dance Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Theatrical, of course exams are not compulsory but we do encourage students to sit exams as now exams can count towards the Queensland Certificate of Education.

If you wish for your child to sit exams, a certain level of commitment and expense will be required from both yourself and your child. C.S.T.D. exams are held every year during October.  For more information with regard to exams will be sent out at a later date. 

We endeavour to open a door to a creative world of dance: through skilled tuition in all facets; offering progression through accredited exams.

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