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Classes Gilmour Dance Centre Offer in 2024!


Ballet – Ballet is the foundation of all dance. It provides technique, flexibility, poise, co-ordination, respect, self-discipline and self-confidence. 2 lessons of ballet are to be attended each week from Grade 1 onwards for ballet exams to be taken. Pre-Primary/Primary exams – whilst it is not compulsory it is recommended that 2 classes are to be taken weekly to gain higher standard of technique.


Contemporary – We encourage our ballet and jazz students to also learn Contemporary as it is such a broad genre of dance. Contemporary is a creative dance genre which is a combination of ballet and jazz and can cover lyrical, neo classical as well as contemporary. We only accept students from the age of 7 as we find they really embrace the style. We are introducing the CSTD Contemporary syllabus this year that has been created by the amazing world renowned choreographer Jason Winters.


Jazz - Grades are decided upon age & ability. Whilst not compulsory, Modern Jazz exams are offered to those wishing to excel. From level 3 Modern Jazz onwards at least 1 ballet class should be taken for required technique for examinations. The students love our jazz classes as we like to excel as much as possible and keep the classes as interesting as possible. We pride ourselves on our funky jazz classes.


Tap – Whilst Tap has had a vast transition from Old World Hollywood Musical style to Street, Latin & Contemporary eg. Tap Dogs styles we try to expose the students to many different styles whilst ensuring their technique is consistent.  Tap helps develop co-ordination, musicality and rhythm. Tap exams are available for students from 5 years of age (TTA). Again whilst not compulsory exams are offered to those that are interested.


Acrobatics – Acrobatics is a form of Gymnastics, it teaches endurance, Co-Ordination, balance, strength and skills. Gilmour Dance Centre has a very strong Acrobatics program which incorporates the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. We have 2 certified Acrobatic Arts teaches. Acro grades are decided upon ability [required tricks] & age. Students will be assessed at first class or Enrolment Day. 2017 was the first year we implement Acrobatic Arts Program which was be taught by certified Teachers, this program allows students to take part in exams and move up in levels at their own pace.

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Mummy & Me Class **POPULAR** - A wonderful way to introduce the appreciation of music & dance to the very little ones that just aren’t ready to come to dance classes on their own yet for Tinies class. Students are able to have Mummy or Daddy with them to join in the fun with song & dance. We encourage the little ones to dress up as fairies, Ballerinas or Prince’s to make it a magical time while sometimes unknowingly commencing dance based movement & technique. Age group for this class is from 18mths – 3 years. Parents are to wear clothing suitable for unrestricted movement & sitting on the floor lol

Just Me *POPULAR** - This class is the next step after our Mummy and Me but before our Tinies Classes. This class is to help transition the student’s not having their parents there.


Pointe Class: - Invitation only class. This class is taken in addition to 2 x ballet classes for older Major students to become competent & to reach the required standard in strength & ability.


Tumbling Class – Invitation only class- This class is to help those students whom are ready to start learning aerial tricks and flips students must require to have a strong round off. This class will really help the student’s master harder tricks for tumbling.

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*For ALL Ages as young as 18 months, CONTACT US NOW for further information*

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